Tomb Raider & Bioshock Infinite

So I streamed my entire playthrough of both Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite over on Twitch these past couple of weeks. It was a very fun experience!

I plan on writing up some of my thoughts surrounding these two games. For the most part though, I absolutely enjoyed them and wish for more!

Come check me out playing other games on Twitch.TV! Not sure what's next, but it'll be fun!

I'm still around...!

So I have not posted a review in quite a while. You know, this site's entire idea was for my thoughts, right?

Where have I been?

Damn real life needs. I am around, I have not written any new reviews (Oops), but I do have some great things upcoming. My friend and I have decided we want to try our cards at Twitch.TV - so he and I will be streaming now and again just to get our feet wet. Not looking to become popular or anything to that extent, just interested in playing games with funny commentary for others to enjoy.

The channel will be at where you can watch us!