SimCity Review

I've written several paragraphs of my thoughts regarding SimCity (2013). Very good game, server issues aside.

If you have not noticed, I've been streaming a lot on Twitch.TV of my SimCity play sessions. It's a shame they get purged after a week, so I think I'll locally record in addition to streaming going forward so that I have some material to reference or post to YouTube.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown & the "addiction"

I was pumped for XCOM: Enemy Unknown since I heard Firaxis would be taking charge of the revamp. I was pleasantly surprised with the changes they made, even if I do not fully agree with them.

Check out the review here.

On a side note, I have an extreme craving to play more turn-based kill all the alien games. UFO: Afterlight is a favourite of mine, so I may get back into it (Even though I've beat it TWICE...!). Also Xenonauts is a good game but still in its infancy (Every time I start a new game, I come up against a road block that forces me to stop playing, grr!).

I need... something! Damn, how I wish I could make a game like this. I have so many ideas...!

Sleeping Dogs Review

I've played and conquered Sleeping Dogs on Steam. Only took me 20 hours... enjoyed the game, yes, but could have been longer. Felt very empty. But feel free to read my review to seek my opinion. It's something you should play if you're into GTA kind of games... great storyline.

Terraria Review

I cannot believe I have not written a review about Terraria! Of all things! I'm a bad person, I suppose (Okay, not really). I've put over 100 hours in Terraria, so I'd love to get my opinion out there.

S.P.A.Z. & Warband Reviews Updated

As the title suggests, I've updated the Space Pirates and Zombies review and the Mount & Blade: Warband review with something that contains a little more substance than my Steam recommendation.

I own 350+ Steam games at the moment, so I have loads of games that I could offer my opinion on. Once I get the existing recommendations up, I'll start on others, that's for certain!

If you haven't noticed, I appear to lean towards not-so-well-known titles. Everyone and their dog knows about Diablo III, Dragon Age or The Sims. I want to put my opinion out there on the obscure games and draw attention to them! Typically they're nice little gems that can often times outdo even the best AAA title.

More to come...!

Recettear, Updated Review

I promised I would update all of my reviews and add many more (Well okay, maybe I didn't promise, but if I want Rated AR to be valuable to others... I better do it!), so the Recettear review has been redone. Link added to see if it's ever on sale.

More to come...!