Coffee, Double-Double!

Countless times I would play a game and something absolutely ridiculous would happen that I wish I had captured and could share. In April 2013 I decided to get into streaming as it was a way to share my experiences with friends both old and new.

As my viewer base grew, I would constantly be asked how to "Donate" toward the stream. I honestly was ignorant and had no idea that streamers sought donations to help support their hobby. It makes sense if one thinks about it though; there are substantial costs with streaming: Internet fees, new game releases, hardware, software and other misc improvements (logo production, green screen & equipment, proper microphone & webcam, the list goes on...).

In my situation though, donations are unnecessary; I have a full time job and already own all the necessary equipment to conduct streaming, thanks to gaming being my #1 hobby. They may not be the best pieces of equipment, and I'm always looking to improve, but it gets the job done.

Ultimately I agreed to a comprise on November 6th, 2013. I decided to finally allow "tips," not donations. Every morning on my drive to work, I stop at Tim Horton's to buy myself a coffee. A very delicious Extra Large Double-Double. If you appreciate what I do (Like these existing, awesome people!) and truly want to throw money my way, then you may - in the form of a coffee! It's not a donation, instead, you'll be tipping me one of my morning coffee before work, and for that, I am eternally grateful!

Submit Coffee Funds Here