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Oh, Yahoo! how you irk me (Part II)

So, here's the thing. I attempted to reach out to Yahoo! Customer Care regarding their Disposable Address feature. All they need to do is escalate my concerns to the appropriate person. All they need to do is add a "To:" field in the folder view. It can't be hard!

Here's my discussion with customer care after the break. Good for a laugh.

Oh, and I submitted a BBB complaint. Since, well, it's impossible to file a complaint with Yahoo!. There's no Office of the President address, there's no telephone number to call, hell the customer care rep even acknowledged that fact. Ugh. Just add the damn "To:" field so that I don't have to discard my 15 year old email account.

Oh, Yahoo! how you irk me.

So I'm having a terrible time with Yahoo! Customer Support at the moment.  It's fairly obvious they're just an outsourced group with cyber-scrips to choose from and can't actually solve any real problems.  I would know, I work for a company that does this exact thing.  It's how you remain "efficient."

New Site,

It should be fairly obvious I have a new website if you've stumbled upon this post.  I mean... if you're reading this, and you didn't find my site?  Well, you must be a Google Bot or something non-human.

Maybe a dolphin.  They're supposedly smarter than us all.