Personal Thoughts

Happy New Year!

Welcome, 2013!

I've never made a new years resolution, but this year I made one. I vow to complete some games!
I already took the first step and completed Skyrim. I was very close to finishing the main quest it seems, and so I booted it up, and I was literally two quests away! It seemed very... unfulfilling. But, not the point. I finished Skyrim! Horray! 100 hours worth of playtime, well worth it. Can't wait for more DLC/Elder Scrolls VI!

Wreck-It Ralph

Earlier I had mentioned wanting to watch Wreck-It Ralph. I finally got around to doing just that, went and watched it in 3D. I still don't understand why they charge you extra at the theatre for a 3D movie when you are asked to return the glasses... so why am I paying more? Humph.

In any case, I needed to see a movie because my Scene points were going to expire, from two years of inactivity. Yep! That's how long it's been since I've been to the theatre. I went and saw Tron! Amazing movie that is.

Recording with Camstudio

It's 9:48 PM... I started trying to record with Camstudio at... 11:00 AM. Sure, I played some video games and did the dishes in between... but ugh!

Here's the thing. I decided to do a video review/synopsis on a game. Camstudio is the top of everyone's list and so decided to use it for this purpose. At first, Camstudio would not record the game audio - just my headset. Once I updated the drivers on my PC, I then was able to record the game audio but not my headset! The hell? It reversed? Yes, yes it did.

Another MMO! Oh noes.

Of course. It just takes very little convincing that I'd "love this game." Unfortunately, my friends know that, Jason especially. "Come play Guild Wars 2." and I ask him to sell it to me.


$165.61 + $22.59 = $188.20

What does it all mean, Basil?

I'll tell you what it means.
One hundred sixty five dollars and sixty one cents bought me a smorgasbord of games from Steam over the Steam Summer Sale.
Twenty two dollars and fifty nine cents provided happiness to my friends from my wallet.

One hundred eighty eight dollars and two dimes is what I spent over the course of the Steam Summer Sale.

It's an addiction. Like crack. Cocaine. Things that I'll never use but see in movies all the time.

Times flies playing MineCraft...

So, whoops.  I've been M.I.A. for a bit.  Easily explained, I've been playing MineCraft.  Yes, it's a bad excuse, but it's entirely true.

You see, I stumbled across this Mod compilation called "Tekkit" (Or Technic) - in it are a bunch of amazing mods that make playing MineCraft even more of a blast than it already is!  One of the mods I have massive experience with, BuildCraft.  I've played with this mod before because I absolutely love the idea around it.

With BuildCraft, you construct machines that automate things such as mining or construction.  These machines are then linked together with transport pipes to get your item from A to B.  With just the BuildCraft mod you could not do too-too much, just get items from the ground into a chest - or items from the ground into a automatic workbench to craft things (to later go into a chest).  It was very neat, but not overly amazing.

But then, combine BuildCraft with Industrial Craft and you've got yourself a business!  Industrial Craft adds more automatic machines that make MineCraft sweet.  You can grind down ores into dust and then smelt the dust giving you two times the amount of metal from an ore (Ie: You could smelt an Iron Ore block to get 1 Iron Ingot.  Or you could grind it down to 2 Iron Ore Dust and smelt the dust into 2 Iron Ingots) - The extra step is "more work" but you reap reward from it.  Industrial Craft also introduces the idea of 'power' - so you can power your machines with energy (Or blow up your house if you're not careful, as mixing high voltage power with low voltage machines is hazardous to your health; or having your Nuclear Reactor (!!!) explode in your face... hazardous to your house, and your neighbours, and the rest of the city in fact...)

So I've been playing a LOT of MineCraft after work (and sometimes before, I'm afraid).

To top it off, I've also been buying tremendous amounts of Steam games during the STEAM SUMMER SALE.  Oh wow, I spend so much money unnecessarily.  I buy a game just to have it, not to play it.  With 400+ games in my Steam catalog, only half of them touched, you can imagine the amount of money I've spent.  (I did the math, because all transactions are tracked.  It was scary.  Trust me.)

In any case, here's some MineCraft screenshots after the break.

Wreck-It Ralph Trailer

My buddy Jason got me hooked on Dark Horizons, a trailer site for movies.  Since apparently I don't get out much (Fact).  I'm glad I went there today... I found this...

I definitely want to see this.  Kid movie, sure.  But Bowser and Eggman sold me on it.  They better get a huge part (But I fear they will not... Damn Nintendo and Sega).