Personal Thoughts

I'm Not Tech Support

What an interesting past few hours.  There's a reason I don't work for technical support... not that I'm short fused, but some people make me laugh!

To make a long story short, someone called me because their computer had been formatted (Because they erroneously ran the Recovery on Windows) and they couldn't connect to the Internet.  I had to help them get through this problem, and it was quite the obstacle course...

Twitch.TV Changes & Problems

Oi.  So apparently League of Legends Championship is going on, the final week (thank goodness).  My streaming has been fine until this week... My upload to them has been crazy-crazy-crazy slow.  Here I thought, just maybe, it was my PC.  Maybe, just maybe, my recent re-installation of Windows 7 has caused problems.  Or perhaps my internet was just congested?

Professor Layton, you cheat!

Sorry I haven't been around much, this is my error in judgement.  Having gotten into Livestreaming my gaming sessions, I'm without any spare time!  I work all day, eat, then stream.  My weekends go towards grocery shopping, cleaning the house, spending time with family/friends/relationship/etc... I don't get a chance to just sit down and type, really.

It's a genuinely poor excuse, I know, because what I'm about to type just screams "You do so have spare time!" Hahaha.

So, while at work doing nothing, I've been playing some ROM's of Nintendo DS games.  Mostly because, I've heard a lot of chatter about these games, and I do not own a DS (Oops).  I've been playing Phoenix Wright - Ace Attourney on my OUYA and it's great fun, I can't wait to get into the other games.  But Professor Layton I've been playing at work since you need to use a stylus (So I use a mouse, of course).

I've come across a puzzle that just pisses me off.  Puzzle 076 "A Tile Square"

OUYA has arrived!

I wasn't expecting it today, but I knew it was en route. See, it's Memorial Day in the U.S.A. and so I figured mail service would be non-existent. Seems I was lucky and my OUYA crossed the border into Canada just before the holiday and so it was delivered today, a non-holiday in the Great White North!

Was so excited I didn't even open the box until my buddy got here. He's been asking me bi-weekly since OUYA announced their shipping... "Do you have it yet? When are you getting it?" - Hell, he was more excited than I was!

1,000 Views - Dead Space 3 & Dead Island Riptide

Today I went my Twitch.TV page and found I had 1,000 views!

1000 Twitch.TV Views!

Okay, maybe not a lot by typical Internet standards, but I find that pretty damn awesome!

This week in the early morning I'll be streaming Dead Space 3 with my good friend Azraells.
The following week, I'll be streaming Dead Island Riptide with my other buddy Braizy.

SimCity 2013 Hints & Tips

Over the course of several lengthy play sessions, Azraells and I have come to the conclusion that being a better mayor comes solely with experience; well…experience and screwing up, that is.

You don’t need to make the same mistakes though.  Just learn from ours!

Be sure to check out some of our gameplay over at Twitch.TV!

RatedAR on Twitch.TV

My buddy Jason whom I have mentioned before recommended that we play some games on Twitch.TV

We're not looking for popularity of financial contributions. He just thought... we play so many games together, and hilarious stuff happens, that we should share it with the world. I full-heartily agree!

So if you're interested in watching us stream some gaming, check out the RatedAR Channel!

The beauty of telling a story

Once upon a time I found a game on Google Play (Formerly known as the Android Market) for my phone that was a text based 'Choose-your-own-Adventure' game. I loved it, and found these people developed several stories for you to read through.

Origin, you silly POS...

What exactly should I make of this...? The files don't match? ARE YOU SURE?