Personal Thoughts

Oh, Kickstarter...!

It's been awhile since I've written about Kickstarter. The last time I talked about SpaceVenture, the wannabe Space Quest return (Well not Space Quest at all, but the same people that made it from Sierra back in the day).

I've grown a hatred toward Kickstarter. It's my own fault, really. Kickstarter is not an investment or a purchase, it's a donation. A donation toward someone that wants to make their dream come true. Unfortunately, sometimes, those dreams don't come true and it feels like a waste.

Damn you, Sinus!

Out of the blue a couple weeks back I started getting headaches daily. They were on schedule, right between noon and 1 PM. They started getting more and more intense to the point where I was in tears on Sunday afternoon. Coworkers told me it's probably my eyes, because I'm on the PC all day and night. I told myself it was sinus, because my nose was a little plugged and sinus medication actually helped the pain (Where headache medication did absolutely nothing).

After a long and arduous three weeks it turns out, it was, in fact, a sinus infection. Gosh it hurt.

Passport Fiasco

In the beginning of April, my passport expired. I knew I was travelling in May, so I went to my nearest Passport Canada office with all the paperwork I needed, new pictures and cash. It was a painless experience. In, ticket, called, presented, paid, out. Just as it should be with any passport renewal.

Oh, Internet. How I loathe thee.

I just get done writing a post about 1 year streaming on Twitch, and what happens? My Internet dies.
Well, not *my* Internet specifically. The Internet in my area.

Recently (Let's say, 4-5 weeks ago?), I had noticed major fluctuations in my upstream bandwidth with Twitch. I wrongly assumed this was a Twitch issue, because the issue was sporadic and speed tests agreed I was getting what I pay for. Turns out, speed tests don't alert you to packet loss, which is what was occurring.

One Year Later

Starting March 2013 I began streaming games on Twitch.TV, it is now March 2014. Using advanced mathematical calculations, I can advise that this is an entire year! Huzzah!

Actually I'm pretty late. My first stream on Twitch.TV was March 5th and today is March 31st, so, yeah.
Over the past year I've collected 1,400 followers! It's not as many as I wish, but I have an amazing community which I only hope continues to grow and flourish!

Streaming Materials

So I've been doing streaming for awhile over on Twitch.TV ( and I've had to solve a lot of problems on my own; questions like "How can I get a countdown timer?" or "I want to automatically update the music I'm listening to."

You would think these to be simple questions to answer, but they really aren't. It took a lot of sifting through garbage before I found something that worked for me and worked well.