Wreck-It Ralph

Earlier I had mentioned wanting to watch Wreck-It Ralph. I finally got around to doing just that, went and watched it in 3D. I still don't understand why they charge you extra at the theatre for a 3D movie when you are asked to return the glasses... so why am I paying more? Humph.

In any case, I needed to see a movie because my Scene points were going to expire, from two years of inactivity. Yep! That's how long it's been since I've been to the theatre. I went and saw Tron! Amazing movie that is.

Speaking of movies, Wreck-It Ralph. Very good movie, I fully enjoyed it. I loved all of the references in the show that I'm sure not many people picked up on. Some key ones...
- The Mountain in the racing game, that is Coka-Cola and Mentos. Search YouTube for that, and you'll understand.
- Sonic giving an announcement about staying safe; he had a cartoon when I was growing up, and he'd always give a message about staying safe at the end. Terrible cartoon by the way, but it made me crave Chili Dogs growing up.
- ...Actually now I'm drawing a blank. I'll sleep on it, I know there were so many more! It has been a couple weeks since I saw the movie, haha.

No matter, I do recommend the movie. I was disappointed because they purposely made reference in the commercial - every single one - to the Evil Characters meeting. They purposely showed us our favourite bad guys were in the movie, to get us to go see the movie - and those characters play NO ROLE in the film at all! Good on you, Disney PR department - you got me to see the movie. Jerks.

Still a good movie though, loved it entirely. Nice plot twist too near the end, made it actually an enjoyable movie because it's a fact I forgot about. Just the way I like my plot twists!

If you have not seen it, I don't think it's in theatres anymore... at least not in my area. So pick it up on DVD/BluRay when it comes out. You won't be disappointed!