There's a stream coming...!

This Saturday, January 20th, I'm committing myself to a stream. Something basic, Euro Truck Simulator 2.
I know full well I'm going to be talking a lot for this stream and any future broadcast, talking about where I vanished for two years... So ETS2 is a pretty casual game to select as I can drive (barely) and chat (a lot) with everyone that visits.

Long story short, I'll explain here, just to have it on paper.
Before my two year streaming hiatus, I became a project manager for my company and had been tasked with a daunting undertaking: relocate our Canadian offices and expand the operation.
As I put those into words it actually makes my spine shiver. I did not think it was going to take one and a half years, but it has. The other six months of me missing (Five really, but who's counting?) was me getting back into my regular groove of "life."

With the daunting task of managing our office relocation, I was stretched very thin. Part of the project was "expansion" but that had to happen after the new facility existed, otherwise there's no where for the new people to be seated! A lot of my time went into my work, ensuring everything was correct, from blueprints to electrical schematics to complying with building code for accessibility. It truly was an eye opening experience: I've done nothing of this before, in my life, and although resources existed to "help" you with this kind of stuff, it almost felt like I was winging it. It helps that the contractors know a lot and if you suggested something really dumb (Which, I assure you, I never did!) they would let you know why that wouldn't fly. Also, if you suggested something sensible, they would tell you why that wouldn't fly either (Seriously, I kid you not, there's some building code for accessibility that requires a doorway to be a minimum distance away from a corner of a wall, to prevent collisions from blind spots).

At the end of the day, the relocation and expansion was a renowned success. I went over budget a LITTLE BIT, but it was a forgiveable amount (literally less than one person's salary, that small), but it sparked our head office to do their own remodeling as well to match our suit. All new LED lighting (the energy usage and savings are huge! No more bulb replacements!), ergonomic desks (you can adjust the table top to raise and lower, it's neat!), and somehow I snuck a radio subscription and full-featured speaker/public announcement system into the plan, so now we listen to tunes all day, company wide (fully licensed! Being a broadcaster on Twitch helped me out here with that knowledge). When it was all finished we had hired hundreds more people, including new blood for my department. The extra hands really freed up my time as well, post-relocation, and I'm actually leaving work on time now.

So that's where I've been! Tied up, figuratively, with ensuring the success of my employer. It's a great feeling, but finally I get some down time and I can come back to your home screens.
Know that I'm not committing to anything: as a consequence of the success, I humbly point out that I'm a bit more important with a new role... so I know I cannot leave work on time every day, and things can always come up to mess with my out of work plans, but I promise to try my best to at least stream once a week at minimum!

Hope to see you all soon!