Streaming Materials

So I've been doing streaming for awhile over on Twitch.TV ( and I've had to solve a lot of problems on my own; questions like "How can I get a countdown timer?" or "I want to automatically update the music I'm listening to."

You would think these to be simple questions to answer, but they really aren't. It took a lot of sifting through garbage before I found something that worked for me and worked well.

Putting Music Title in your Overlays

First of all, you'll need this amazing extension for Google Chrome called "Untamed Now Playing" (Github Link). Follow the instructions to install.

Essentially, when on common music sites like Grooveshark or Pandora, or over on YouTube (There's a list on the Github site) it will capture the song title (or video title) and export it to a text file.

In XSplit or OBS, you will set up a Remote Text Update every few seconds.

Having a Countdown/Timer in your Overlays

This is a Visual Basic application you'll have to install. It's called "Snaz." This little application does quite a bit: countdowns, text line rotation, displaying your viewer count, etc. I find this application very useful for displaying how much time before pre-show ends.

This will also require Remote Text Updates to be useful.

Having a Sound Play when you receive a 'Donation'

This is a little more difficult to set up and this isn't a tutorial. However, the creator of a well known Twitch Bot (Nightbot) has created a very nice donation tracking tool that plays a sound when a PayPal donation is received. It can also display the person's name and their personal message in your Overlay.

You can check out the donation tracker here: