Stream Schedule

I've mentioned this a few times live on stream, but I did say I would write it down for those that haven't caught the news.
As most everyone knows, I have a full time job outside of streaming for my hobby. Something has to pay the bills, and I've had this job for over a decade if you can imagine it. I don't talk about what I do as I'm bound by a confidentiality agreement, but ultimately it's office work.

Recently a situation has arisen where my career is taking a different path. I now have to travel as part of my employment. I've travelled before, but it was usually only once or twice a year - nothing important. It seems however that I'll be travelling almost monthly, anywhere between 2 and 14 days long. It goes without saying that this puts a hindrance in my streaming schedule!

I'm not giving up though; I love streaming. I don't care how small I am or how slow I've grown: at the end of the day, streaming is extremely fun for me and I would never let down the hundreds of you that show up to my streams on a consistent basis!
Just know that my calendar will be barren sometimes, simply because I don't know what to expect from work! I'll do my best to maintain the current Monday through Thursday appearances after work, but know that there will be some times where I'm just not at home.

I'll always keep you guys aware of what's going on through my calendar (You'll see "Travel" if I'm away). Of course, always hit me up on Twitter too; I do always write to everyone when I won't get back in time for a stream.

Thanks all for your understanding!