SpaceVenture & Space Quest; You know you want it!

If you've ever heard of Space Quest, the old (but still freaking amazing) Sierra series, then you need to know two things:

1) Right now, today, the entire Space Quest series is on sale on Steam. It's $4.99 US for some of the most kick-ass point-and-click adventures ever. I haven't played through them in their entirety because I suck at puzzle games, especially Space Quest (You have to do some of the oddest things to progress, it's almost like they're screwing with you...!). Put for $5 you can't go wrong. Space Quest 6 is my absolute favourite, not just because of the Windows compatibility and lovely voice-over, but because it's the prettiest. $5, get some!

2) The creators of Space Quest have a Kickstarter to make another point-and-click adventure game. Much more stylish, up-to-date and super awesome, I'm sure. Chip in $15 or something and maybe we can get this party started! I know they have my $15, they deserve it as I know we'll be pleasantly pleased as punch!