RimWorld Colony "Amazon"

It started on stream, Thursday, September 4th. We settled our RimWorld with three women, so of course the colony name is "Amazon." (Also it was funny because of Amazon's acquisition of Twitch)
What started as a lowly 3 citizen colony has grown to a 39 citizen housing complex of extreme awesomeness! This is one of my better colonies yet, with no sign of slowing down its growth. Complete with fertile farming, *four* geothermal generators in the base vicinity (Plus a fifth connected from the side with wire which, luckily, all the baddies seem to ignore), a prison complex (We've collected 9 prisoners from one siege and 15 from another!), and housing for all! It is constantly being expanded for growth and will soon become a mega-complex.

I assure you that no cheats have been used, however mods are in place. One could argue the Gun Emplacement mod is extremely overpowered (No, actually, I'm telling you that it is!) because getting a good chunk of Minigun Emplacements set up can take down a band of ~40 Mechanoids with ease.

Here are screenshots of the base as it stands today.

The base in all its glory! (There's a wall to the south cut off to block passage into the large courtyard)

The front entryway, equipped with nine Minigun Turrets (Using the Gun Emplacements mod).

The prison complex; the carpeting comes from T's Mod (It looks amazing, highly recommended mod!)

The produce production area; fertile soil on the outside, large indoor farm too. You'll also see in this screenshot 9 Enhanced Mortars from the Gun Emplacements mod.

Lately, the game has been sending massive gangs of people to take me down... I dare not count how many are there. What I do know, is the game lags *hard* when doing their pathfinding! Alpha is alpha. (FYI, the pawn boxes at the top of the screen are part of the UI Mod that I'm using! It's very useful!)

This is the aftermath from using the mortars on them. So many died that many of their comrades went insane (From debuffs of seeing their ally die). There were about six prisoners laying here, ripe for the taking!

Finally, here's a funny, earlier in the life of the colony - Bico was placing wall and one of the trees around him grew, trapping him. I didn't find him until the game alerted me to his starvation, so I made Tiffy a lumberjack ASAP to save his life!