Recording with Camstudio

It's 9:48 PM... I started trying to record with Camstudio at... 11:00 AM. Sure, I played some video games and did the dishes in between... but ugh!

Here's the thing. I decided to do a video review/synopsis on a game. Camstudio is the top of everyone's list and so decided to use it for this purpose. At first, Camstudio would not record the game audio - just my headset. Once I updated the drivers on my PC, I then was able to record the game audio but not my headset! The hell? It reversed? Yes, yes it did.

I later found out the solution to record both Mic & Audio does not work with USB Headsets. Essentially, to record both, the sound card has to "copy" the Mic input and output it in addition to the game audio. Kind of like an echo. Since the USB Headset doesn't go into the sound card, it has nothing to copy.

Well anyway, cracked out an old 3.5mm headset and managed to get all that working.

Then my next frustration was getting Camstudio to record AVI files smaller than 2 GB. Why? Apparently, AVI files cannot be larger than 2 GB for some crazy technical reason I'll never understand (or care about). Unfortunately the default video compression codec in Camstudio had been creating files that were HUGE considering what it was! 15 seconds of THE MENU created a 200 MB AVI file!? So of course 30 minutes of me talking would "try" to create a (in theory) 23 GB AVI file - It just crashed. All that hard work, gone. Probably for the best though, I kind of sounded like an idiot in the audio anyway, haha.

It took a lot of scrounging through the Internet to stumble upon this post here talking about my exact issue: Recording long, high quality videos in AVI format. Thank goodness! I was able to install these Xvid codecs and make the video.

It's a shame it took all day to accomplish! Ugh, nothing is ever easy!