This Is the Police - Kickstarter

I've talked about it before, I'm a Kickstarter addict. I've tried to tone down, but let's be honest, when I see something absolutely exciting, I cannot resist backing it. We all get into "Take my money!" fits. Today I'm eyeing "This Is the Police" - a strategy game (also adventure?) where you take the role of a live-by-the-book police chief gone rogue. You have six in game months to raise 500,000 capital before you are forced to retire, so you use underhanded tactics with the police force to raise the money. It's a creative concept on a strategy game, that's for sure, and I'd love to see this game become a reality.

It's only $12 USD for the lowest tier to get the game, with extras in the higher tiers (I'm a little surprised that the Beta tier is $65, but to each their own). At the time of this writing, it's more than halfway complete with 18 days remaining, so the goal is highly attainable! Throw a couple dollars Weappy's way!

Show your support: This Is the Police Kickstarter.
If you're into Social Media, I implore you to retweet this, too! (If you don't know Kwame Kilpatrick, he is a former mayor of Detroit, MI, currently in prison for fraud related charges, serving 28 years. He definitely fits the vibe of this game.)

Here is a collage of some art work made by another passionate supporter by the handle dsmukilan. Used with permission.