PAX East 2015! I come!

I couldn't pass up on this deal. Well, sort-of deal. While talking about Rezzed with some other streamers, it came to my attention that the Penny Arcade Expo is starting up again early next year. Mind you, this conversation happened in August.

Using the Boston Convention Centre schedule, we determined PAX East 2015 was taking place March 6th through 8th. So I looked at air fare to Boston and it was dirt-cheap, at $185 CAD, round-trip! Hotels in the area were also not overly expensive, the cheapest being $120 a night (I stuck with a hotel somewhat close to the convention centre at $150 a night). The tickets for PAX were not on sale yet, nor were the dates even announced, so I had no idea how much that was going to run me (But from others, they said between $150-200 USD).

Recently, those tickets went on sale and I had to buy three individual day passes - the 3-Day pass sold out within minutes (I was on the site within 24 minutes after the tweet went out; that should tell you something.)

Now I just need to arrange transportation to-and-from the airport, then I'm golden.

Essentially, I'm going to PAX East! See you there!