OUYA has arrived!

I wasn't expecting it today, but I knew it was en route. See, it's Memorial Day in the U.S.A. and so I figured mail service would be non-existent. Seems I was lucky and my OUYA crossed the border into Canada just before the holiday and so it was delivered today, a non-holiday in the Great White North!

Was so excited I didn't even open the box until my buddy got here. He's been asking me bi-weekly since OUYA announced their shipping... "Do you have it yet? When are you getting it?" - Hell, he was more excited than I was!

But it's finally here, sitting in front of my television, all couple centimetres squared it is. Played a few games, some I own already on my Android phone, others brand new to the market for the release of OUYA. At this time I have no real opinion expect "I want more games!" - I am hoping to find a way to move some of my android games from my phone to the OUYA (It does have USB...) to install, and play there. That'd be pretty damn swell... I mean, it's Android, I'm sure there's a way - if not today, soon.

Once that marketplace is swelling with games I'll have to take another look.

The Twitch App sucks, though. It's the same one on the phone and so you can only view LIVE channels. I tried to find my channel on it but no-go. Worse yet, it's displayed off screen! It's oversampling for some reason and I can't get it to fix. The OUYA menus are correct, but once I go into some applications, it over-samples off the television and I can't see everything. It's very, very annoying. I hope they get that fixed... otherwise hooking it up to a television is pointless, and that's it's whole idea, right? Meh.

Anyway, some pictures here after the break!