One Year Later

Starting March 2013 I began streaming games on Twitch.TV, it is now March 2014. Using advanced mathematical calculations, I can advise that this is an entire year! Huzzah!

Actually I'm pretty late. My first stream on Twitch.TV was March 5th and today is March 31st, so, yeah.
Over the past year I've collected 1,400 followers! It's not as many as I wish, but I have an amazing community which I only hope continues to grow and flourish!

I'm not looking for massive viewer base, just an average of ~100 users at a time. Something comfortable where I can interact with everyone. More viewers than that may mean not seeing everyone's comments, or worse yet, getting trolls. Less than that and the chat isn't very active at times and you end up talking to yourself to keep things fresh.

That is the number one thing I do hate about streaming: Talking to myself. It's like recording a video for YouTube with no live audience. It is hard and I have respect for those successful YouTubians, a place where I found no success and don't ever feel like trying again. Streaming live on the other hand is much easier, in my mind anyway. I guess I just like talking to people.

In my year at Twitch...
- I've connected with 1400+ people around the world!
- I've made several very good friendships with the viewer base and other streamers.
- I've encountered brand new games that I may not have even known about without Twitch.
- I bought cool stuff like a capture card, green screen and headset.
- I introduced Maple Milk to the masses (No it's true).
- I discovered that cabbages are important to human nature.
- I've learned new things! Like, that I can't dance or that my foreign accents suck.

All in all, it's been a great year! I'm saddened that I am not seeing the growth that others have seen (Ie: If you have breasts or have connections to larger streamers), but I'm not put down by this! All on my own with absolutely *zero* advertisement, I've made connections of my own and entertain a fair chunk of ever-growing people through both networking and persistence.

Let's hope for another great year!