Oh, Yahoo! how you irk me.

So I'm having a terrible time with Yahoo! Customer Support at the moment.  It's fairly obvious they're just an outsourced group with cyber-scrips to choose from and can't actually solve any real problems.  I would know, I work for a company that does this exact thing.  It's how you remain "efficient."

The situation is this: I pay for Yahoo! Mail Plus, it's a $20 USD a year subscription where I get a boatload of bonus features (Not really.  Like POP3 and Disposable Addresses.  That's practically it.) and one of them has a severe deficiency!  I use the disposable addresses feature and it is lacking since they "upgraded" the look of Yahoo! Mail.  Now they have this old Yahoo! Mail Classic, and the new Yahoo! Mail.  Unfortunately, with the new Yahoo! Mail I cannot see which disposable address is receiving email.

Let me break this down for you.  I have 67 disposable addresses.  I make a new one whenever I sign up for something online.  This is a good idea because:

  • If one of my online accounts are compromised, the rest are secure because the login email address is different.
  • I don't have to click "Unsubscribe" on emails, when in fact, all that does is confirm your address is valid and more spam should be sent that way.
  • On that note, if one of the addresses starts receiving spam I can simply delete it.
  • If I stop using a service, I can also delete it as to stop receiving annoying "Come back!" emails.

Now if you've ever opened spam (For giggles, or because you really could use a penis enlargement) then you know your email address is NOT shown on the To: line.  It says something like "undisclosed-recipients" or nothing at all!  So one or more of my accounts have started receiving massive amounts of spam.  My phone is going off every hour or two with another piece that isn't being captured by Yahoo! Mail's "SpamGuard."

I reach out to support asking if there is a way to see which accounts are receiving the spam.  Of course they can't access my account to tell me.  So I ask, can I see the "To:" field in the inbox.  I mean, Yahoo! obviously knows, in some database somewhere, what email address the spam actually went to!  I'm not getting Bill Gate's emails here, I'm getting MY emails at MY disposable addresses.  But of course, no, you can't add the "To:" field to the inbox.

So they direct me to the Help files, which show me that I can see which disposable address is receiving the email if I go into the email and check the "To:" line.  Did I not just get done saying that SPAM DOESN'T HAVE YOUR ADDRESS IN IT?  Holy, people, get with me.

Bottom line - I need the "To:" field added to the Inbox/Folder view to differentiate which account received which piece of mail.  I do not need to be told to open the email and check in there when I clearly already did and it doesn't work.

Sure, there are other options for disposable addresses.  But I'm paying Yahoo! for this option.  So why is it so difficult for the support rep to say "You know what?  Let me forward this concern to my team lead, and they'll get in touch with someone that may be able to help." - Like, oh, a web developer or something.  I'm sure there's a chain of command in your contact centre.  Again: I work in one.

Oh, Yahoo! how you irk me...