Oh, Internet. How I loathe thee.

I just get done writing a post about 1 year streaming on Twitch, and what happens? My Internet dies.
Well, not *my* Internet specifically. The Internet in my area.

Recently (Let's say, 4-5 weeks ago?), I had noticed major fluctuations in my upstream bandwidth with Twitch. I wrongly assumed this was a Twitch issue, because the issue was sporadic and speed tests agreed I was getting what I pay for. Turns out, speed tests don't alert you to packet loss, which is what was occurring.

The one and only cable provider in my area rolled out upgrades to all existing customers giving them increased speeds. For example, 30 Megabit Down and 2 Megabit Up packages turned into 55 Down, 10 Up. They did this but did not consider congestion. Since February 6th, apparently, is when issues started being reported of "Slow Connection / Intermittent Disconnections / Packet Loss."

The forums of my TPIA, and the forums of the cable provider, are just littered with customers like myself upset about the situation. For most customers, the impact is minimal - If a packet is lost, the packet is just sent again (At the same speed). So they'd notice minor hiccups and some laggy videos, at best. In my case, where I'm using 1800 Kilobits *per second* upload, any packet loss causes that value to drop significantly as the packet must be resent. This of course is a huge issue for me. I can't even lower my upload to a worse quality, as the issue persists no matter what.

So what does this mean? This means I'm stuck mostly unable to stream. Essentially during peak times (After work, holidays, weekends), packet loss increases to crazy amounts. I'm hitting 40%+ average which is crazy high! During non-peak times, it's relatively stable and I'm able to stream.

Therefore, when I am streaming the "early streams" from 5:30 PM EDT to 10:30 PM EDT, there's a half-and-half chance my Internet is okay, at least for the first three to four hours. When I'm streaming the "late stream" from 9:30 PM EDT to 2:00 AM EDT, it's essentially no-go.

This will be reflected in my streaming schedule, so I'm sorry you will not see much of me. Honestly, I'm very upset (But it doesn't show because I'm Canadian). I love streaming, it's one of the best hobbies I've ever picked up, and it frustrates me immensely that I cannot do it!

Hopefully, this issue in my area is resolved soon.
Fingers crossed.