Non-Steam Games that Demand your Attention

Not every game lives and breathes on the Steam platform; lots of indies have humble beginnings on their own website. Typically I find these through word of mouth and sheer luck. Sometimes I just peruse the Steam Greenlight area to find new and upcoming games that demand attention.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of games that you should play outside of Steam - also some have been Greenlit and will show up on Steam eventually. Until they're on the storefront, though, I want to draw your attention to these hidden gems. You'll even notice most of these follow a similar theme (Because, it's just the type of game I like to play!). You'll also note that every single title below is "in development," not a single game in this list is labelled "finished." That's the beauty of indie, it never has to be done and can always evolve (without the use of costly DLC!).

- Ancient Domains of Mystery:
- Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead:
- Factorio:
- Forsaken Isle:
- KeeperRL:
- Prospector:
- RimWorld:
- Rodina:
- Sol 0:
- Timber and Stone:
- Ultima Ratio Regum:
- UnReal World:
- Wayward:


[EDIT July 25, 2014: I don't know how I forgot Factorio! Added!]
[EDIT July 28, 2014: Rodina is now available on Steam!]
[EDIT August 15, 2014: Added KeeperRL to the list!]
[EDIT August 28, 2015: Some games are coming to Steam! Forsaken Isle & KeeperRL. Expect Ancient Domains of Mystery, RimWorld, UnReal World and Wayward soon!]