MasterChief Theatre

Starting on Monday, January 19th, at *around* 6:30 PM Eastern, my good buddy Azraells and I are going to play some couch co-operative Halo. We're visiting the Master Chief Collection, so we've aptly named the segment MasterChief Theatre.

The plan is to co-op all of the Halo games, in order, over the span of several weeks. It's mostly based on Azraells' work schedule because I'll be streaming anyway, and I hope we can get some weekend streams in!

We're excited for a lot of laughs!
While testing we already had a blast trying to kill each other and jumping off cliffs. Also taking vehicles in areas you shouldn't be able to.
When I was changing my inversion options, I said "Flight Inversion... That's for Flight." and Azraells' quips to my girlfriend, "You make fun of me but not him?"
So definitely going to be a blast... Hahaha.

Hope to see you all there!