Lack of Recent Streams

As most have noticed, outside of a week of XCOM 2 I've been pretty quiet in the Twitch broadcasting world.
I'm not gone, I'm just recovering!

Most were unaware but on February 3rd I had a very minor surgery to correct a childhood wound that resurfaced. I stress very minor, but as a result of the surgery, I was pumped full of antibiotics and pain killers for my recovery.
With this in mind, I went onto a medical leave for work. The surgery has put be behind on getting some much needed work done and last week I played many full days of XCOM 2 on broadcast, instead of working from home (Like I probably should have, but shush!).

So this week I've been trying to wrap up as much as I can before I return to work tomorrow, Thursday. There's going to be quite a bit still waiting for me, but I've made a dent at least.
Hopefully back to regular schedule next week. That's the plan anyway!

I recovered successfully, mind you. Now I just need to find some awesome games to play for you!