Kickstarter; its hold on me

I am one to admit that I absolutely love spending money.  Casino?  I'm in.  Random things I'll never use?  In.  Things that are 'just darn cool'?  Definitely in.

Kickstarter?  Ugh.  It has its grip on my wallet.  I wander the pages looking for projects that interest me.  So far I've backed... six projects.  That's not a lot.  I've seen some profile that have backed a few hundred (!!!).  It's possible they gave only $1, but hey, it's $1!  Recently, Humble Bundle finished at $5 million+ dollars!  I only gave them $1.  So those single dollars can add up!

I know this is what Kickstarter is for.  Putting money towards causes you believe in or want to see come to fruition.  I just wish I'd stop going to it LOOKING to spend money... hahaha.

SpaceVenture was successfully funded - I'm very happy about that!  I adored the Space Quest series, though I never finished them... hard to now, they do look and act rather ugly on modern computers.  But my new interest: Alpha Colony.  It's a modern remake of EA's M.U.L.E. - I played that game to shit on the C64.  So pay up, people!  Put some money towards the M.U.L.E. remake - mostly so that I can play you and kick your ass.