It's Roguelike Appreciation Week!

I love me some Roguelikes, so I made up this fictitious week for fun last year. Gives me an excuse to play something outside of the norm for my Twitch channel, a Roguelike. As you're likely aware, a Roguelike is defined as as game that usually has random generation (not implicit), turn-based game-play (not implicit) but ultimately permanent death. One could argue that a Roguelike must have all three of those qualities, and lacking one or more makes it's a Roguelike-like. Honestly, though, let's not over complicate things.

This week is Roguelike Appreciation Week! I started it last year with great success and I plan on continuing it each year, in an attempt to bring to light my favourite Roguelike games, or new contenders that deserve attention.

I'll be replaying NEO Scavenger this week (Today, in fact!) because it's been released from Early Access! It's "all done," save bug fixes, so it definitely deserves another deep dive.
Tomorrow is UnReal World, because this game never gets as much attention as it deserves. It's a very hardcore wilderness survival game that I love, but I'm very bad at, so expect lots of failures.
Thursday I've got SanctuaryRPG lined up. I played this game briefly and knew I had to stream it one day; it's an ASCII art RPG game but not in the traditional sense. If you check out the game, you'll understand what I mean.
Finally, Thursday will be some Sunless Sea. This one barely fits in the Roguelike theme; good enough for me, though. The map is pseudo-randomly generated, offers no turn based gameplay, but death is final and unforgiving.

I'll start each day at 9:30 PM Eastern time, so I hope to see you there!