I'm Not Tech Support

What an interesting past few hours.  There's a reason I don't work for technical support... not that I'm short fused, but some people make me laugh!

To make a long story short, someone called me because their computer had been formatted (Because they erroneously ran the Recovery on Windows) and they couldn't connect to the Internet.  I had to help them get through this problem, and it was quite the obstacle course...

Basic PC layout.  One PC, connects to Wireless Router via Wireless.  Router connects to Modem.  Shouldn't be an issue, right?  Well, they could connect the PC to wireless but it said there was no Internet.  To confirm this, I had them check their mobile phone, also connected wirelessly (obviously) and it too did not have Internet connectivity.

At this point, it sounded like a router issue.  Disconnect from Wireless and connect your PC directly into the Modem.  Internet is working just fine!  Issue resolved?  Nope.  When putting the router back in-between the PC and Modem, there was still no Internet connectivity.  What the heck could be going on?  When about to recommend also resetting the router, this is what I hear: "Shouldn't the router have lights on?"

Woah. Wait. Stop. The router isn't plugged in?!  THE ROUTER HAS NO POWER?!

Seems so.  The router, this entire time was unplugged.  This raised the question, 'what the hell were we connecting the PC and phone to wirelessly'?  Seems the end-user has A SECOND WIRELESS ROUTER PLUGGED IN FROM THEIR OLD ISP BUT IT ISN'T CONNECTED TO ANYTHING.

Why, pray-tell, do you have a router from your old ISP plugged into the wall, still functioning, that doesn't actually *do* anything?  Are you **FUCKING** serious right now?!

This entire time, I'm troubleshooting an issue, and we weren't even connecting to the right router.  We were connecting and troubleshooting an OLD router that only has power and nothing more.  Sonofafuckwhatthehell.