Happy New Year!

Welcome, 2013!

I've never made a new years resolution, but this year I made one. I vow to complete some games!
I already took the first step and completed Skyrim. I was very close to finishing the main quest it seems, and so I booted it up, and I was literally two quests away! It seemed very... unfulfilling. But, not the point. I finished Skyrim! Horray! 100 hours worth of playtime, well worth it. Can't wait for more DLC/Elder Scrolls VI!

My next task to tackle... I am not sure. I've been playing Anno 2070 recently, trying to build a monument in an endless game. I don't like the campaign since you have to restart each level and it's so slow... but, I may give it a go, who knows?

Dark Souls on my 360 is calling my name. I didn't get very far, first boss actually, and failed every time. I may start again... but that's less "finish" a game and more "start it" since I hardly got far.

We will see.