Goodbye, weekend. Hello, workweek!

This weekend was surely interesting for me.  I, at first, imported all of my 900 LiveJournal entries - apparently I signed up there in 2001, wow!  Well, I started going through them and after I went through the most recent 200, I determined... I was a foolish young idiot back then.  All of my posts were non-nonsensical gibberish surrounding women and cars.  Maybe a dozen posts were actually about video games, which I absolutely love.  Also, I couldn't spell.  I also used "lol" a lot.  I don't use it anymore... I've tried to move away from silly 'text' abbreviations.  But hey, that's just me.

So after all of that hard work, I simply deleted all the imports.  Meh!  None of it was interesting reading material anyway, so trust me, you're not missing anything interesting.

Saturday I ventured to Sarnia to go shopping in the states with friends.  Always a blast, especially this time!  Picked up a bunch of candy to smother in poison and provide to my underlings at work.  Our trip to the Casino afterwards was a blast though.  I sat down with a friend at Blackjack watching what he was doing, I put $10 on the table and turned it into $332.50.  I couldn't believe I did so well, must have just been luck really.

Today, I watched the third Men In Black movie.  It was alright, definitely better than the second one, but still not as good as the first.  It was a nice movie though, with a couple laughs for good measure - but for sure felt like it was targeted at kids with some of the corny humour.  Still enjoyed it.

Tomorrow?  Work.  Kind of looking forward to it.  Nice relaxing weekend, I'm done unwinding.  Time to earn my keep!  (Which I do, quite well, I might add.)