Do companies not understand streamers?

Today, Nvidia announced a tablet that will broadcast to Twitch. Everyone seems to be getting on this bandwagon of Twitch integrationg that leads... absolutely no where. I cannot be the one and only person saying this, but, why?

Twitch integration is nice: if you're an amateur streamer or new to streaming. Not that I'm saying I'm a professional by any means, but as a streamer I do not want to stream directly from a console or handheld for any reason. Why? I am now forced to upload a feed from my console or handheld using the camera it provides. I've now lost the ability to change scenes, have alerts, use a green screen, move my camera, show images... the list goes on. My wrists are tied and I cannot do any "customization," put simply.

You know what streamers actually want, companies? The ability to capture directly from the device. We don't need you uploading it for us and managing that, we can handle that portion, just let us get the video and audio off your device and onto our PC.

Thankfully, this time around, Sony picked up on this need. There's no HDCP that prevents us from capturing video from a Playstation 4 (But there still is on PS3? Can't they patch this?). Microsoft has never implemented HDCP and I'm glad they keep it that way. The Nintendo Wii even doesn't use HDCP and allows capturing. Strangely, the OUYA employs HDCP... which is really, really dumb.

We already can capture gameplay from consoles - you don't see professional streamers using the built in abilities on those devices, unless this is where they started or cannot afford an alternative. (Out of curiosity to back up my own mind, I went to the Twitch page to see PS4 and Xbox One streams. The top streams are all sub-1000 followers. This may not be true all the time, but it's true at the time of writing this.)

If we can capture content freely from consoles, let us capture content freely from your gaming tablet, an android device, or an iOS device. Thanks for the option for those that do want to use it, but, all you're doing is spending effort and money in a feature that has a very limited audience.

Is it that hard to slap an HDMI output on your device? That's all we want.