Damn you, Sinus!

Out of the blue a couple weeks back I started getting headaches daily. They were on schedule, right between noon and 1 PM. They started getting more and more intense to the point where I was in tears on Sunday afternoon. Coworkers told me it's probably my eyes, because I'm on the PC all day and night. I told myself it was sinus, because my nose was a little plugged and sinus medication actually helped the pain (Where headache medication did absolutely nothing).

After a long and arduous three weeks it turns out, it was, in fact, a sinus infection. Gosh it hurt.

On a side note I bought a pair of Gunnars computer glasses, just in case it was an eye thing. Thankfully the headaches stopped before the Gunnars arrived, so I could easily express that it wasn't an eye thing. Phew!