Another MMO! Oh noes.

Of course. It just takes very little convincing that I'd "love this game." Unfortunately, my friends know that, Jason especially. "Come play Guild Wars 2." and I ask him to sell it to me.


That how weak willed I am with the Video Games. Oh well! No subscription fees was a great starting point... That's what usually gets me. Typically, an MMO doesn't keep my attention for longer than a month anyway. So I play it as much as I can in that month and gauge if I'm going to keep paying for it. Only WoW kept my attention for awhile and that was because I had been playing with a lot of other people at the same time.

However in real life, I have a JOB and THINGS TO DO... so MMO's just aren't my thing. But no subscription? This means I can play it whenever, at my pace. I do very much like that idea.

Guild Wars 2 has a very unique way of presenting itself, too. There aren't "quests" exactly. Quests exist, but you just go to an area and do it, plain and simple. You don't NEED to talk to someone to get the details, you don't NEED to talk to them to turn it in. You just go to the area, it tells you what is to be done - very simple point form - and you do it. Upon completion you get a piece of mail, which you can access anywhere, to get your pathetic reward.

Crafting is different too. No harvesting skills, everyone can harvest materials with the needed equipment. But refining those materials requires a craft skill. You could level them all up too, you just can only have two active at a time. (To switch, you need to pay a fee) It's an interesting way to do things... but I foresee the auction house being flooded with raw materials that people can't use. Which isn't a bad thing.

I dunno, it's 3 day head-start at the moment. So far the only problem I had playing is the activation email, it simply doesn't work. The game itself has given little headache. My character got locked into place once, and joining a server with Jason was a pain because it was Full already. Otherwise... just fine!