Age Does Bring Wisdom

Here's a good one for you.
I had been cleaning out my email, deleting folders that haven't seen use in eons, and I started reading through a few old messages.

Holy cow. Was I ever immature or what in my younger years. It's true what they say, "The older the wiser."
I won't give examples, but I will explain my position. Years past, I used to play many games online - and I don't mean MMO's like World of Warcraft. I mean browser based games. Strangely, I managed to hold positions in a lot several of these games...
- Senior Help Beekin in Furcadia
- Resource Department Head & Game Administration Board in Cantr II
- Writer of the Game Manual for Forlorn Hope (Later to be known as Lands of Hope) [Retired]

Reading some of the email correspondence between myself and others, as a representative of the above titles... is shameful. Emails filled with emoticons, emotion, poor grammar and spelling... everything that gets under my skin today. Even some of the comments I read now about my demeanour to other players, equally distasteful and upsetting.

I cannot believe, as a younger individual, that I portrayed myself in such a negative manner.

Can I ever apologize for what I've done? Sure. Though it won't change a thing.

Today, my communication skills are far improved. I draft my emails, read and re-read them, to ensure they're as neutral and forgiving as possible. I've learnt through the years that email communication is often misinterpreted. Emotion is placed where there is meant to be none. People mistakenly treat email as if it were a real face-to-face conversation, and that often times creates confusion or conflict.

All I know is... wow. I never want to read these emails, ever again.