Personal Thoughts

There's a stream coming...!

This Saturday, January 20th, I'm committing myself to a stream. Something basic, Euro Truck Simulator 2.
I know full well I'm going to be talking a lot for this stream and any future broadcast, talking about where I vanished for two years... So ETS2 is a pretty casual game to select as I can drive (barely) and chat (a lot) with everyone that visits.

Steam Reviews, "How to Properly Rate Them"

This is a pet peeve of mine, and I'm in the minority here, but no one uses the 'Steam Review Rating' mechanic properly.
It's very simple. The question being asked is "Was this review helpful?"

It doesn't ask "Do you agree with this person's opinion?" Everyone however uses the 'Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down' mechanic as if this is the question being asked, when it's not.

The Cost of Gaming

So, today I got into a debate with a co-worker. It was a healthy debate, and I wanted to share our thoughts on the matter. It triggered when he said "Games are too expensive," and spiralled from there.

On one hand, he suggested that games are becoming more and more expensive thanks to the falling Canadian Dollar (and overall inflation). I agreed that this was only partially true, because you can easily find old flyers on the internet showing NES and SEGA games being sold at $45 a pop, USD - which would be, in fact, more money back then compared to today.

Stream Schedule

I've mentioned this a few times live on stream, but I did say I would write it down for those that haven't caught the news.
As most everyone knows, I have a full time job outside of streaming for my hobby. Something has to pay the bills, and I've had this job for over a decade if you can imagine it. I don't talk about what I do as I'm bound by a confidentiality agreement, but ultimately it's office work.

It's Roguelike Appreciation Week!

I love me some Roguelikes, so I made up this fictitious week for fun last year. Gives me an excuse to play something outside of the norm for my Twitch channel, a Roguelike. As you're likely aware, a Roguelike is defined as as game that usually has random generation (not implicit), turn-based game-play (not implicit) but ultimately permanent death. One could argue that a Roguelike must have all three of those qualities, and lacking one or more makes it's a Roguelike-like. Honestly, though, let's not over complicate things.

This Is the Police - Kickstarter

I've talked about it before, I'm a Kickstarter addict. I've tried to tone down, but let's be honest, when I see something absolutely exciting, I cannot resist backing it. We all get into "Take my money!" fits. Today I'm eyeing "This Is the Police" - a strategy game (also adventure?) where you take the role of a live-by-the-book police chief gone rogue. You have six in game months to raise 500,000 capital before you are forced to retire, so you use underhanded tactics with the police force to raise the money.

MasterChief Theatre

Starting on Monday, January 19th, at *around* 6:30 PM Eastern, my good buddy Azraells and I are going to play some couch co-operative Halo. We're visiting the Master Chief Collection, so we've aptly named the segment MasterChief Theatre.

The plan is to co-op all of the Halo games, in order, over the span of several weeks. It's mostly based on Azraells' work schedule because I'll be streaming anyway, and I hope we can get some weekend streams in!

PAX East 2015! I come!

I couldn't pass up on this deal. Well, sort-of deal. While talking about Rezzed with some other streamers, it came to my attention that the Penny Arcade Expo is starting up again early next year. Mind you, this conversation happened in August.

Coffee Tip, One Year Later

A year ago today, November 6, 2013, I opened up the ability for kind Twitch viewers to submit tips to me in the form of Coffees. The idea behind it was that it would lessen the load on the cost of buying a coffee every morning for work (Not that I need to, but I'm going to anyway!). In that year the fabulous community of Twitch have contributed 304 coffees! With 52 weeks in the year, at 5 working days each week (give-or-take because of holidays, vacation, illness), that's 260 days to cover... and they were covered, plus some!