About RatedAR

Welcome to RatedAR (Pronounced "Rated R"), otherwise known as "Rated, by Anthony Roberts."

You know when you're in the shower and you get a brilliant idea? Yeah, when that happens, you just have to act on it! So I bought a car.

Then later I decided I wanted everyone to know my opinion on all things 'everything.' Who doesn't want to have their opinion heard? You would be a silly person not to have a voice. So here? This is my voice. You can enjoy entertainment from the mind of me - Anthony Roberts.

Let's get serious though: the name was just a stroke of genius. AR. RatedAR. AR = R. Get it? Of course you do.

The "Team"

Anthony Roberts
RatedAR Founder

Just a typical guy with a typical job, looking to create laughter in the world. Oh, how sappy.