Twitch New Video Player

If you venture into the Highlights area of the site, you'll notice a staggering quality difference between some recent highlights and older ones.
Twitch changed their video player. As a consequence, the "auto-play" is always on, too... not very bright, if you ask me. So, uh, you may wish to mute your volume should you head that way... because a bunch of videos will start playing.

It's pretty startling. Trust me on that.

New Partnership - Green Man Gaming Limited

Woah now, what's this?! Green Man Gaming Limited, in all its video gaming glory, has reached down and put a blessing on me!
I am now officially a partner of Green Man Gaming and can help to save you money while generating revenue for myself through your sales!

The lovely link below will port you over to Green Man Gaming's website, where you can peruse a wide variety of games for your entertainment pleasure. Full disclosure: any purchases you make by following the link below grant me some moolah; I can use this to benefit the stream, buy a pizza or even just help fund a Superpac. Most likely, it'll go towards more video games, let's be honest here. Now Live

Not exactly related to me, but close-friend of the stream and fellow streamer, Sir Twiggy, has his new site online.
I helped a bit.

Changes to Streaming Quality

Effective August 11th, I've changing the manner in which I stream to Twitch. Most users will experience an improvement in quality, but there are a few users that may experience additional buffering.

Video Bitrate is increasing from 1904 Kilobits per second to 2872 Kilobits per second.
Audio Bitrate is increasing from 96 Kilobits per second to 128 Kilobits per second.

Overall, the minimum internet speed viewers will require to watch the stream will increase from 2 Mbps to 3 Mbps.

This should not pose a major problem, but if it does, I can revert back the changes. Please let me know your thoughts during the streams!

[EDIT]: On September 4th I reduced Video Bitrate from 2872 to 2372, as a couple of my regulars were having some issues. Let's hope this fixes things!

Changes to the site

You know how I just made changes to the home page?
I got bored of the look. So I changed the entire site.

I like this look better. A lot better. It's sexy.

Changes to the Home Page!

It's been forever since I've posted anything here (I more commonly post on the Blog portion of the site), and it's pretty obvious that I'm not doing Reviews anymore.

Since my new hobby of streaming on Twitch, writing reviews for games just seems silly to me. It's something I want to do, but I do not have time to do. Sure, I could write a small blurb, but nothing significant for sure.

So what you will see is a change of pace; I've added a new Highlights area and highlights from my Twitch streams will find themselves embedded there! Go take a peek!